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Airports throughout the world are changing with the times. With new technologies available, consistent cost pressures, and increasing focus on customer experience, airports are looking for ways to improve and position themselves for the future.

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Google InSynch

Google—from the start—has been a dominant force, shaping the way we experience and consume the internet. Their products and services touch our lives every single day, all in service of their grand mission: “To organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful.”

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SF Innovation Hub

Art, creativity, ideas and imagination. Nice to have and enjoy but, in a business context, their relevance has historically been a bit unclear.

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Premera Blue Cross

Premera Blue Cross—serving over 2M customers in the Pacific Northwest—embarked on a five-year enterprise transformation journey, looking to increase efficiency, better meet ever-changing market demands, and above all to deliver superior service to their customers. As they like to say, their customers are at the center of all they do. It’s all about the customer.

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The Future of Airline Websites (Site Of The Day award)

Co-produced, crafted, and edited a proactive exercise with Fantasy Interactive where we reimagined the future of airline websites if they better leveraged the vast opportunities offered by the digital interactive medium. Once launched, we were contacted by over 50 different airline and OTA firms, got covered in Wired, and even picked up an SOTD award.

Creative Exploration

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Giving life to a life-coaching brand, from scratch

Helped an experienced life coach launch his brand: Crafted a uniquely authentic brand identity deck, identified a market niche via a robust brand positioning framework, and delivered a powerful name and website messaging in line with the new strategy.

Brand development & website copywriting

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