How a Google-led Creative Force United
to Recreate Classic Ads for the Modern Web
Core Challenge Four complex sets of branded content, a feature-length documentary, and the requisite global navigation elements combined to present a unique challenge for our UX & Design teams. How do you craft a digital experience that delivers all the wonder and beauty of a disparate array of creative content without crowding the interface or confusing the user? The core challenge was to plan, design and develop an interactive experience that smoothly delivered a wide array of content across four clearly branded sections. Result - Cross-Platform Delivery Result: With the heavy lifting done for the ads and their delivery systems, focus shifted to the penultimate layer of the project: the website itself.

We set out to design and develop a sleek, intuitive interface that balanced the original ads with their modern counterparts...
Desktop, mobile and tablet platforms.
Cross-Platform Delivery
The Takeaway A fleet of creatives set out to re-imagine four iconic campaigns in the modern world of Google, and digital technology. In the end, that marriage of creativity and technology was at the core of the experience, and the heart of the Project.


Google's Project Re:Brief

Project Re:Brief was conceived as an experiment to re-imagine what advertising can be, and push the boundaries around the marriage of creativity and technology. 

This endeavor deployed a fleet of creative technologists to re-invent four iconic campaigns in the modern digital world. Please read on to learn the rest of the story behind the project.

Project 6 - ScreenshotProject 6 - Screenshot