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Brand development & website copywriting

Growth In Sight Coaching: 
Giving life to a life-coaching brand, 
from scratch


Our client, an experienced life coach, was ready to launch his own brand, and use his expertise to support more people by accessing a wider audience base. 

He reached out to CRC to help him lay the groundwork for the brand—from naming through to final messaging—thus positioning it for success.



Presented with a clean slate, CRC helped take the brand from concept to reality. We came up with a robust brand identity, positioning, and messaging strategy for our client, all tied together with a powerful, memorable name.


Key challenge:

Our client—a seasoned life coach with 24+ years of professional experience—aimed to establish a strong foothold in the life-coaching space. The challenge: Life coaching is a burgeoning space, with over 17,000+ life coaches in the U.S. alone (not to mention Instagrammers, who also moonlight as life coaches). 

Our client needed to create a niche for themselves—and identify their differentiators—for a strong start, and long future. They urgently needed to:

  • Discover and own their key USPs 

  • Create a market niche for themselves by identifying their most valuable target audience—and avoid an overcrowded space

  • Name their brand with a powerful, relevant word or phrase that would immediately convey their differentiating strengths and benefits

  • Develop a net-new website that would bring their brand to life, and convert leads via emotionally-resonant copy


First and most importantly—we needed to secure the foundation for this new brand, which was still in its nascent conceptual phase. To give it shape, substance, and a sturdy base from which to launch and fly, we followed our proven 3-step process.

  • Brand Clarity—Know thyself:
    Our client themself was the brand—one person—so, we set out to discover their key strengths, experiences, and expertise. In-depth surveys and interviews revealed valuable insights, and provided the raw material for a strong and authentic verbal brand identity. During this process, we also realized that our client was operating in a unique space within life coaching, targeting a unique mindset, which led us to our next step—creating a robust brand positioning framework.

Brand Clarity

Client Surveys
Research & Analysis
Foundational Messaging Brief
Competitive Marketplace Assessment
  • Brand PositioningKnow your audience:

We helped our client narrow their focus on a certain audience group, for stronger emotional resonance and success. This also led to a differentiated positioning strategy, helping them target a relatively uncrowded market space. Our detailed Target Audience Persona (TAP) study identified a primary persona, and an interesting subset persona, helping the client tighten their positioning framework for better conversions.

Brand Positioning

Target Audience Persona Research
  • Brand Resonance—Move people
    With most of the foundational pieces in place, we moved on to the Naming process. Our final choice—Growth In Sight Coaching—aligned beautifully with the brand identity and defined positioning framework. Our client was sold, and so were we—bonus points: the name was available with a .com domain!
    Next, we crafted a branded narrative for the website, woven from emotionally-resonant copy that transported readers into a journey of transformation—inspiring them to get in touch with our client. We also supported our messaging with UX suggestions and recommendations, for a superior user experience.

Brand Resonance

Emotionally-resonant Website Copy

Result (Movere!℠):

With a strong branded messaging framework—and clever name to boot—our client is now set to gain traction in his life coaching niche, with continued growth in sight!