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What sets us apart? Movere℠

Why should you care? Results

We have an unbroken track record of delivering results, and delighting customers.

How? Our secret sauce: Movere.

What’s Movere?

Hear it from Chris himself, or jump ahead to read about it.

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Movere is not a random made-up word. 
(though those can be fun too, like naming new products!)

At CRC, Movere stands for powerful, emotionally-resonant branding and messaging—the (only) kind we do—that gives people the ‘feels’ and motivates them to take action… Like clicking on ‘Buy’, ‘Contact’ or ‘Subscribe’. 

Movere is that special something that arises from the mélange of our expertise and process, and it’s what sets CRC apart.

Movere is rooted in science.

Our left-brain + right-brain approach means our creativity is always built atop data-driven insights, and this is no different. 

Research has shown that ‘emotions’ and ‘feelings’ heavily influence a customer’s purchase decisions, and their loyalty to a brand. 

But Movere is not just about throwing around a bunch of emotions and calling it a day—instead, we carefully and strategically weave a branded narrative that creates a powerful experience for your customers, evoking feelings that move them to take action.

According to a 2017 Forrester study: 

99% of our decision-making is based on emotional algorithms—not rational evaluation—which means that ‘emotions’ and ‘feelings’ play a central role in all decision-making processes, even when it comes to B2B customers.”

“Feelings’ influence a customer’s buying decision and loyalty 1.5x times more than any other factor studied.” – Forrester Study, 2017

How does Movere work?

First, we identify the win-win spot, where your brand’s value propositions and your defined target audience’s interests align. 

Then, we address these shared interests via a compelling branded narrative—well-chosen words that paint a story, creating a virtual experience of your product or service for your customer… in turn, evoking powerful emotions and feelings, moving them to take immediate action. 

Action, like engagement, conversions, sales, and word of mouth.

Movere in action

Explore our impact.

Crafted creative messaging and UX copy for the new home page and product pages, in support of their Jim Parsons campaign. This work boosted sales and online conversions for these products by over 25%.
Global Campaign Creative

Helped define a clear and authentic brand identity and brand positioning framework; crafted website copy that led to a 66% YOY growth in site-driven revenue.
Brand development & website copywriting

Co-produced, crafted, and edited a proactive exercise with Fantasy Interactive where we reimagined the future of airline websites if they better leveraged the vast opportunities offered by the digital interactive medium. Once launched, we were contacted by over 50 different airline and OTA firms, got covered in Wired, and even picked up an SOTD award.
Creative Exploration

Helped an experienced life coach launch his brand: Crafted a uniquely authentic brand identity deck, identified a market niche via a robust brand positioning framework, and delivered a powerful name and website messaging in line with the new strategy.
Brand development & website copywriting

Helped a growing marketing agency strongly position themselves for success in a crowded marketplace, with a 360-degree brand refresh exercise. The agency continues to experience a significant increase in page views, average page view time, and conversions.
Brand development & website copywriting

Crafted a compelling and detailed embedded journalism piece, supporting Fantasy Interactive’s bold redesign of which dramatically disrupted the online news space.
Case study

Produced, wrote, and edited the case study outlining how Fantasy Interactive completely reimagined from the ground-up, with a first-of-its-kind experiential site.
Case study

Produced, wrote, and edited the case study for the Google Ramayana project—a retelling of a classic work of Asian literature—brought to life by Fantasy Interactive and OgilvyOne, to support the launch of the Chrome browser in Asia.
Case study

Conceptualized, wrote, and edited a social action campaign for Intel, in line with their mission of moving toward responsible sourcing and investing in the Congo, and eliminating conflict minerals from their supply chains. This project was primarily a content strategy puzzle to solve, and puzzles are our jam.
Campaign messaging

Conceptualized and produced creative messaging—built atop an established brand messaging platform—for the launch of Intel’s Core M processor. Directed messaging and UX for an interactive experience that highlighted the benefits of the processor, rooted in proof points for a Millennial audience.
Global Product Launch

Helped launch Sony’s ‘Connected World’ campaign with a companion website featuring interactive product demos and experiential proof points. As Senior Producer on the Sony account, I wrote and edited all copy, managed its translation into 33 languages, and produced the interactive website that later went live at
Global Campaign Creative

Crafted and edited a case study for Fantasy Interactive, highlighting their groundbreaking iPad application, designed to take the Broadway ticket-buying experience online. Our work helped this case study powerhouse (Fi) reach another level of impact and clarity via enhanced content strategy and narrative structures.
Case study

Crafted and delivered a clear brand identity and powerful brand positioning for this SME, to differentiate it from its competitors and establish its authentic pioneer status. The refreshed website content led to improved brand perception and conversions.
Brand development & website copywriting

Conceived, planned, produced, and launched a global sweepstakes promotion (Hard Rock Mystery Tour, which won a Telly Award) that drove up in-store traffic by over 15% vs. same period the previous year.
Campaign messaging

Developed and enhanced creative messaging campaigns for in-store promotions, which drove sign-ups and purchases to exceed levels from any previous quarter; online conversions increased by over 18%.
Campaign messaging

Developed creative messaging campaign work, which led to total blood donations increasing by over 30% vs. donations the previous year.
Campaign messaging

Crafted creative messaging for Project Re: Brief: an audacious labor of love that reimagined four classic ads, while pushing the boundaries around the marriage of creativity and technology.
Global campaign

Developed UX brand content strategy and creative messaging for the Kids’ Choice Awards (KCA) iOS app, which saw in-app engagement and voting—their key objective/metric—increase by 20% YOY.
Case study

Showcased an ambitious EA Madden campaign via a powerful, strategically crafted case study. Fantasy worked with EA Madden to extend their billion-dollar franchise to the net—this detailed write-up brought to life the process and outcome of this project.
Case study

What people are saying

“Chris has the ability to add his own voice and style to his writing, while working closely to our client's brief and strategy....”
— David M.
SVP Client Services
Global Ad Agency
“…We would strongly recommend CRC’s services for anyone in need of clear, effective, compelling branded content.
– James S.
Sr. Director of Product
“Chris is a seasoned professional with a unique blend of business savvy and a creative mindset...”
– Todd C.
EVP Marketing
“…We’re thrilled to have found a branding partner whose USP aligns perfectly with ours: big-agency expertise that delivers results, without making you jump through hoops.”
— Ash G.
Remark Growth Marketing agency
“…Our high expectations were fully met, and exceeded, throughout the engagement, and the added value far outweighed the total cost.”
– Yair L.
VP of Product
Money Lion
“Chris truly embodies efficiency. We have been long-time collaborators with CRC… Chris always meets his deadlines, and the work is thorough, detailed, and error-free…”
– Christina C.
Director, Communications & Brand
“…I always found Chris to be an exceptional creative and strategic minded writer…he is an accomplished ACD who I would hire again in an instant.”
– Colin J.
Omencraft® Design Agency and the pop-art brand Karma Ace®
“…The final copy and messaging was everything we had been trying to say, much better said.
– Jeffrey J.
Apto Solutions
“…CRC has a track record of delivering outstanding results, on-time, with maximum efficiency and returns.
– Junko U.
Director of Operations
Remark Growth Marketing agency
“…From delivering a meaningful, unique name, to identifying a niche target audience, and composing relevant messaging, CRC has helped me bring my brand to life better than I could have imagined.”
— Drew M.
Growth In Sight
“From the get-go Chris was professional and easy to work with. I would recommend him to anyone looking for a writer with original ideas who can work with a wide range of personalities and assignments.”
— Martin L.
Group Program Director
Global Ad agency
“Chris explains complex concepts in simple terms and "gets" the bigger picture of what needs to be achieved. He is great fun to work with and an asset to any team."
— Rick B.
Brand Creative Director
"Chris' passion affords him the ability to deliver on a very creative level, across multiple disciplines."
— Thad K.
"Chris is a passionate client advocate that has a unique ability to work well with a diverse group of individuals.'
— Jeremiah N.
VP, Digital & Marketing Ops
"I consider Chris to be an expert on all the latest trends in interactive marketing, you can be sure to count on his expertise."
— Laura W.
SVP, Experience Strategy
Global Ad agency
"Chris is creative and dedicated... with a passion for quality, and clear communications."
— Dana T.
Fashion & Digital Marketing
"Chris was a strong contributor to the creative success of the agency. He was organized, flexible and very good with clients. A pleasure to work with."
— Judy H.
SVP, Creative
Ad agency
"I found Chris to be both strategic and entrepreneurial minded. This gives him the unique ability to clearly see innovative opportunities—a strong forward thinker."
— Stephen H.
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