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Brand development & website copywriting

Remark Growth Marketing: 
Driving conversions for a seasoned marketing agency


Remark, a niche marketing agency, had been our long-time collaborators on many client projects. So when they needed to differentiate themselves in a crowded marketplace, CRC was their natural choice for a branding and messaging partner—and we made sure to meet their goals and expectations.



Remark’s refreshed branding and positioning (as a ‘growth marketing agency’) helped them immediately stand out among competitors. The new website delivered a powerful branded experience, leveraging the right emotions in Remark’s ideal target audience, winning their attention and patronage.

Key challenge:

Remark had extensive experience and expertise in the marketing industry, but they needed to create wider awareness of their brand, and move beyond just word-of-mouth marketing and referrals.

As specialists in marketing and communication, they knew that, to scale their business, they first needed to go back to the foundation. To take a deeper look at their own brand, secure their verbal brand identity, and rebuild their online experience from the ground up.

In other words, Remark was looking to:

  • Clearly outline their key strengths and differentiators, and find a way to create a ‘blue sky’ messaging strategy

  • Crystallize their ideal target audience, and create a positioning framework centered around this persona

  • Relaunch their website—aligned to their authentic brand identity—to deliver a branded experience to potential customers via emotionally-resonant messaging


The marketing domain is a sharp-elbowed battleground for attention. To survive, and win clients, you need a potent mix of strategy and creativity—aka left-brain + right-brain thinking. This is exactly what CRC brought to the table, via our 3-step approach.


Brand Clarity—Know thyself:
What key strengths of Remark reflect their truest essence, and would help carve out a powerful niche for the brand?

After in-depth discussions, research, and data analysis, we identified and consolidated these focal pillars in a handy, long-tailed document called the Foundational Messaging Brief (FMB).


Brand Clarity

Client Surveys
Research & Analysis
Foundational Messaging Brief

Brand PositioningKnow your audience:

Next, we dove deep into secondary research of Remark’s most valuable target audience group. Our goal was to understand this audience’s behavior, pain points, goals, motivations and desires—to craft messaging that pressed all the right buttons.

This detailed Target Audience Persona study helped enhance Remark’s brand positioning strategy, enabling their performance marketing approach to better target their defined audience.


Brand Positioning

Target Audience Persona Research

Brand Resonance—Move people:

Studies have shown that 99% of decision-making—even amongst B2B clients—is based on emotional algorithms, not rational evaluation. This means ‘feelings’ and ‘emotions’ drive decisions, more than we think.

At CRC, our approach to messaging is grounded in this science, leading us to create branded experiences—not just website copy—that are based on emotionally-resonant pillars.

With Remark, we followed the same approach, weaving a powerful story that evoked the desire in potential customers to immediately reach out. We also helped Remark name its proprietary tools and methodologies, in alignment with its newly defined brand identity and lexicon, thus giving it a further edge over competitors.


Brand Resonance

Emotionally-resonant Website Copy

Result (Movere!℠):

Remark’s refreshed brand identity and website narrative helped them gain a stronger foothold in the marketing space, while driving new business and converting leads efficiently.

Remark continues to experience a significant increase in page views, average page view time, and conversions.  


“CRC comes through for us every time; helping our clients build powerful, unique brands that establish critical mindshare with their targets.

Chris possesses that rare mix of creative flair and business acumen, which helps to ensure we meet our clients’ growth objectives—while providing real value—above and beyond the brief.

We’re thrilled to have found a branding partner whose USP aligns perfectly with ours: big-agency expertise that delivers results, without making you jump through hoops.”

– Ash Geary, CEO, Remark Growth Marketing agency