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They say it takes 10,000 hours of practice to develop true expertise, mastery. 

What about 52,000 hours of single-minded focus on the craft? That should do it.

Chris Rubin, the founder of CRC, has spent the last 25+ years (over 52,000 working hours) developing and refining his brand strategy consulting and brand messaging strategy skills. And that’s just for work. 

Chris reads (voraciously) and writes (copiously) in his free time, with an unbroken writing streak of at least 1500 words every day, for the last 7 years and counting. 

All this to say that Chris and his team stand ready to accelerate your growth, built on this wealth of expertise and experience. 

Let’s move!

Skilled in the art of delivering Movere.℠

Movere is synonymous with Results

It stands for emotionally-resonant branding and messaging that moves people and motivates them to take action (read: sales and conversions for you). 

Movere transforms simple web copy into a branded experience—a virtual story—that evokes a powerful emotional response, organically and naturally, within the hearts and minds of your defined target audience.

Imagine you’re reading a delightful travel story set on an idyllic Greek island—before long, you start imagining yourself in the traveler’s shoes, living vicariously through them, feeling what they feel—and soon, you’ll be itching to buy that plane ticket to Santorini. 

This is Movere at work.

The powerful combination of our skills, experience, and process delivers Movere with maximum efficiency.

How we can help

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“…Chris has the ability to add his own voice and style to his writing, while working closely to our client's brief and strategy....”
— David
SVP Client Services
Global Ad Agency
“…We would strongly recommend Chris’ services for anyone in need of clear, effective, compelling branded content.”
– James
Sr. Director of Product
“…Chris’ deep passion for his work continues to push him, and clearly drives his creativity .”
– Todd C.
EVP Marketing
“CRC comes through for us every time; helping our clients build powerful, unique brands that establish critical mindshare with their targets…”
— Ash G.
Remark Growth Marketing agency
We hired Chris for a quick-turn project related to our brand messaging. In just two days, Chris polished and refined our core brand narrative to a point where, for the first time, we finally felt it truly represented the essence of who we are, and what we provide for our customers…”
– Yair L.
VP of Product
Money Lion
“... Chris is an accomplished ACD who I would hire again in an instant.”
– Colin J.
Omencraft® Design Agency and the pop-art brand Karma Ace®
“We worked with Chris for our brand narrative refresh, and we were not disappointed…The final copy and messaging was everything we had been trying to say, much better said.”
– Jeffrey J.
Apto Solutions
“We have been long-time collaborators with CRC for our monthly copy and brand messaging needs. Chris was quick to understand the banking sector, our brand essence, and tone of voice; and then was able to turn around excellent communication pieces and content in just a few days...”
– Christina C.
Director, Communications & Brand
“…CRC has a track record of delivering outstanding results, on-time, with maximum efficiency and returns.
— Junko U.
Director of Operations
Remark Growth Marketing agency
“…From delivering a meaningful, unique name, to identifying a niche target audience, and composing relevant messaging, CRC has helped me bring my brand to life better than I could have imagined.”
— Drew M.
Growth In Sight
“From the get-go Chris was professional and easy to work with. I would recommend him to anyone looking for a writer with original ideas who can work with a wide range of personalities and assignments.”
— Martin L.
Group Program Director
Global Ad agency
“Chris explains complex concepts in simple terms and "gets" the bigger picture of what needs to be achieved. He is great fun to work with and an asset to any team."
— Rick B.
Brand Creative Director
"Chris' passion affords him the ability to deliver on a very creative level, across multiple disciplines."
— Thad K.
"Chris is a passionate client advocate that has a unique ability to work well with a diverse group of individuals.'
— Jeremiah N.
VP, Digital & Marketing Ops
"I consider Chris to be an expert on all the latest trends in interactive marketing, you can be sure to count on his expertise."
— Laura W.
SVP, Experience Strategy
Global Ad agency
"Chris is creative and dedicated... with a passion for quality, and clear communications."
— Dana T.
Fashion & Digital Marketing
"Chris was a strong contributor to the creative success of the agency. He was organized, flexible and very good with clients. A pleasure to work with."
— Judy H.
SVP, Creative
Ad agency
"I found Chris to be both strategic and entrepreneurial minded. This gives him the unique ability to clearly see innovative opportunities—a strong forward thinker."
— Stephen H.

“We are what we repeatedly do.
Excellence, therefore, is not an act but a habit”

- Will Durant

We write relentlessly.

Chris is on a currently unbroken streak of 1500+ words per day, for the last 7 years and counting. The rest of the Team is following close behind.


We read voraciously.

Books (and reading) have been our dominant pursuit since childhood. This is a pre-requisite for all Team members.
Our favorite reads


We’re lifelong learners.

We’re strong advocates for the growth mindset; never settling for good enough, believing that knowledge is fuel for growth. Also a common thread that connects our Team.


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