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Pitching for a growth-critical RFP? 

Your chances of a win increase dramatically when you have the right communication partner in your corner. 

A strategist with a proven record of winning million-dollar pitches under high-stress situations.

Creating a pitch that moves people and wins business hinges on a single strategy: 
compelling storytelling

It starts with finding shared interests between the brands involved, and then speaking to these aligned motivations via emotionally-resonant messaging… A branded story that moves people—gives them the feels—motivating them to partner with your company immediately. 

Don’t forget—B2B is still B2C. The B is composed of decision-makers, your target Customer for the pitch.

And for those who think emotions don’t come into play with B2B brands, a 2017 Forrester study shares an interesting insight: 

According to the report, 99% of our decision-making is based on emotional algorithms, not rational evaluation, which means that ‘emotions’ and ‘feelings’ play a central role in all decision-making processes, even when it comes to B2B customers.”

Bottom line: To win clients, you need to move them, lighting up their hearts and minds.

And at CRC, we know just how to do that—our entire approach centers around emotionally-resonant messaging… We call it Movere.

88% win rate.
Over $1 Billion in new business.

Growth, delivered.

That’s the impact of Chris’ expertise.

Chris spent over a year as Head Writer at a top-tier consulting firm, working on proposals to win new business. This consulting behemoth is stacked with star players, and top industry ratings as well. But to distinguish those teams from their hungry competition—and increase their win rate by 26%—strategic creativity was the key. 

Every pitch was like a startup brand, where the team moved from a 3-hour download session to a fully-formed creative identity, lexicon, and narrative within a few weeks’ time. And every pitch had an indisputable metric, to measure their creative success… winning.

Over a 12-month period, Chris achieved a win rate of 88%, with total new business revenues of $1B. 

This experience tested and enhanced every aspect of Chris’ abilities—in an extremely high-pressured environment—forging and sharpening his strategic creative skill set to a very fine point. 

Now Chris and his team are ready to bring all of this to bear, working with brands who like to win.

Let’s move!

P.S. That’s not Chris in the picture…

but this is how we’ll all feel after our first win together.

[Image credit: William Rouse on Unsplash]

Win Rate

+26% vs. average

in new

over 12-month period

Accelerating growth for a software solutions provider


A renowned ERP solutions firm was pitching to a leading potato-product company—referred to here as ‘Company X’. 

Chris spearheaded the creative strategy for this RFP, delivering a branded narrative—sprouted from emotionally-resonant seeds—and speaking powerfully to the shared interests of both companies. 

The result: 
A multi-million-dollar win, and the blossoming of a fruitful partnership.

The Situation

First, Chris led a 3-hour session with all senior stakeholders in the room. 

Days later, creative concepts were presented, with this text (below) as the opener, reflecting insights from the initial session.

Company X is on a mission to dominate their industry, and become the #1 global potato company.

The state of their business is strong, and thriving. But to reach their objectives, they must modernize and integrate their technology platform, enabling the new capabilities and innovation their competitive industry demands.

They’ve never embarked on this particular type of journey before, and it won’t be easy.
They need a skilled and capably experienced partner who will stand shoulder-to-shoulder with them as they pursue this technical transformation. 

They want a Team that is well-versed in what it takes to grow and develop into an industry dominator.
A powerful ally that makes them feel like a priority.
Sharing their concerns, working tirelessly to address and resolve them.
A trusted, proven partner that will be with them every step of the way.


The Outcome

The foundation for the concept, chosen from a range of three fully developed conceptual options that was written in the first-person, speaking to the client directly. 

The entire pitch—written proposal, and the in-person “orals” experience—was shaped through this lens, leading to a huge win in the end.

This is the Manifesto…

The Art of Growth

There is no art without skill and experience.

True leaders—the best at what they do—apply their well-honed skills and deep experience toward their field of expertise to drive innovation, and optimal outcomes.

Company X is skilled in the art and science of producing potato products that delight your customers, and enhance your bottom line. 

When it comes to the potato, Company X is a veritable virtuoso.
When it comes to designing and deploying world-class ERP solutions, [The Firm] brings the finely-tuned skills and deeply relevant experience Company X needs to secure your foundation for rapid and long-term growth. 

Our passion is crafting better business outcomes from software and services.
We know the terrain. We’ve walked this path many times before, and we’ll be with you every step. We stand ready to join Company X as strategic partners on your journey to become the #1 global potato company, and well beyond. 

Together, we will plant sturdy roots for an even greater employee experience.
Together, we are masters in the art of growth. 
Cultivating this powerful partnership to secure a stronger future.

More winning pitches

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Premera Blue Cross—serving over 2M customers in the Pacific Northwest—embarked on a five-year enterprise transformation journey, looking to increase efficiency, better meet ever-changing market demands, and above all to deliver superior service to their customers. As they like to say, their customers are at the center of all they do. It’s all about the customer.

Ready to bring home big wins?