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“We deeply desire our services to work for everyone.
And that inherently means we have to work with partners.
That is the thesis underlying everything we do.”

- Sundar Pichai, Google CEO

“The line between disorder and order lies in logistics.”

- Sun Tzu


Complexity is an obstacle.
Friction, the foe.
Slowing progress, draining resources.

Simplicity is the way forward.
Efficiency, the sweet music that drives results.
Fueling growth, building value.

Google is on a mission to eliminate complexities in your sourcing process, aiming for a smoother, smarter, more efficient experience for all involved. Leading a band of supporting partners means everyone playing the same tune. All in sync with the larger objectives in mind.

We’ve been jamming together to the beat of your rhythm for many years now, and it’s time to collaborate on our next big hit. Let’s streamline your platform and process for maximum efficiency. We’ll shake off dissonant costs, freeing up resources to incite the growth you seek.

Together, let’s help ensure your most synchronous future.
Where we’re all working smoothly in concert. Googlers and Partners alike.
In synch. Well serving your next billion users, and beyond.


[alternate VO]
Okay Google, play Accenture video.

Intro: [main VO from here forward]
Google started with an idea: / To make all the world’s information easily accessible to everyone.

But achieving this simple goal required a lot of complexity.

Different vendors…technologies…and ways of working… / …made synching it all up difficult and expensive… / …and made Project Magenta necessary.

Business & IT:
Accenture has a rare ability to connect Business needs…with Engineering. / We combine an innovative mindset to improve…and maximize value at every step.

Accenture is in synch with Google… so we can anticipate your next moves… / …ready to meet all your engineering requirements.

Right now we synch up with Google Engineering and Technology services in more than 25 countries.

Looking ahead… our proposed solution builds a Living Systems across Google’s organization / One that focuses on Engineering alignment with Business and gets People, Processes, Technologies and Applications… playing the same tune… / …to drive innovations and Google’s business outcomes.

Done right, it will enable and empower a more flexible, scalable Google…

We believe Accenture is the best choice to do just that.

Together… in Synch with Google.

Living Systems:
With Accenture’s decades of experience … / … building over 40 of our own products… and taking them to platform…

Like Google itself, Accenture’s Integrated Engineering Services, or IES, gets better all the time..

IES synchs it all up: from new ideas… through sustenance-related engineering services…

It’s the key to helping Google with the right platform strategy and technology selection… right from the start / …and then operating and sustaining it… End to end services that set Accenture apart.

And to get the most out of all those capabilities… our proven Platform approach… will become a launchpad… for Google’s next moves.​

Accenture IPS synchs up with the leading platforms including Google Cloud, SAP, Salesforce, Workday, and leveraging the go-to-market solutions we are jointly building through our investments in the Accenture Google Business Group (AGBG)  / …powering Google to new heights. 

Like Google, Accenture’s success… comes down to People…

Attracted from the best schools to our innovative, engineering culture… / …one in which last year we invested over a billion dollars to train and retain the best.​ / Powered by dozens of ‘fail fast’ Innovation Centers and Liquid Studios around the world for rapid prototyping and MVPs.​

Summary and Commercials:
Accenture has the people and experience to really get Google into gear.

We work across ALL Google product areas… / ​…partnering on Strategic Engineering programs.

From start to finish… no one else has the end to end experience with Google’s tools and technologies… / …to help Google win… from inception and deployment through launch and sustain…

Together, through Accenture’s Google Business Group, we’ve helped you and your clients shift to and enable Google platforms and technologies…

Not only that, but we’re also helping you create next-gen experiences both internally and externally / And we can’t wait to help build what’s next… / Because Accenture understands the full Engineering and Platform challenges of Project Magenta: / …rationalizing… synchronizing vendor partners… / …improving how they work together, and with Google around the world…

It’s why we can commit to 5 million dollars toward… / …transitioning work from existing vendors…

We look forward to improving our partnership… / …going from a Time & Materials approach… / to Managed Outcomes. /  Expect big potential savings in operating expenses over 3 years… thanks to unmatched visibility into savings worldwide. Powered by a 7.5% year over year productivity improvement… with applicable volume discounts for Outsourcing… / This all adds up to 22 million dollars of benefits… removing friction in the system… and helping Google move ahead… in synch… / …for tomorrow and beyond.