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Nickelodeon iOS App

Nickelodeon, the #1 entertainment brand for kids, approached Fi to conceive, design, build and deliver the official iOS application for the 25th anniversary of their annual Kids’ Choice Awards. Will Smith was lined up to host, and Nick wanted a cross-platform concept centered on a secret agent theme. 

The end result included digital slime, and a gamified experience that achieved Featured App status, increasing year over year in-app engagement and voting by over 20%. This is the story behind the strategy, process and outcome, which included a walk down the orange carpet in L.A.

My Role

On my first day at F-i, I was handed this iOS app project to run and deliver, as senior Producer. This included ultimate accountability for the project’s success, but also the opportunity to successfully conceive and design the point and scoring system to support the gamified app experience from our genius UX team. Many copy suggestions made it into the final app. Later, I wrote, edited and produced the Case Study you see here. And yes, I got slimed.