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Brand development & website copywriting

Refreshing the face of a beauty brand—
63% YOY growth in website revenue


CRC and Remark Growth Marketing teamed up to deliver a powerful and effective brand and communication strategy to Tria Beauty—a leader in light-based skin care technology.

Result: Our branding exercises uncovered the true essence of the brand, which we then highlighted via emotionally-resonant web copy. The refreshed identity, positioning framework, and narrative helped deliver a 63% YOY growth in website revenue.

Key challenge:

Tria Beauty (TB), a leader in light-based skin care technology, was looking to strengthen their position in the North American (NA) market. The company’s laser devices were clearly raising the bar in terms of performance, innovation, and convenience, but their existing marketing communication was not doing their products justice. The verdict was clear: TB’s branding and messaging needed a facelift, and fast.

TB urgently needed to:

  • Solidify a verbal brand identity unique to them—that would clearly establish TB as pioneers and first-movers in skin care laser technology
  • Define their target audience in the new market (NA), and create a robust brand positioning framework to complement a successful market strategy
  • Refresh their website with a powerful branded narrative that inspired customers to immediately click on ‘Buy Now’


Our client’s products were fantastic, we knew that. But to build strong brand equity, reinforce the company’s market position, and drive conversions, we had to answer the following questions:

  • What is the core essence of the brand—what are the focal points that differentiate it from the competition?
  • What does the market landscape look like? What are the competitors doing, saying, and communicating?
  • Who is our ideal customer, and what would be the most compelling bits of information that would make this potential customer sit up and take notice of TB—for example, is it convenience, performance, affordability, or something else?
    • Here, we also realized that the brand had different products, targeting different needs and mindsets, which meant we needed to create persona sub-sets that would address specific audience groups.

To answer the above questions, we followed our proven 3-step process:

  • Brand Clarity—Know thyself:
    A detailed analysis of data collected via client surveys and in-depth interviews with the key stakeholders of TB helped us uncover the focal points of the brand, and helped us clearly differentiate the brand from competitors.

Brand Clarity

Client Survey
Research & Surveys
Foundational Messaging Brief
  • Brand PositioningKnow your audience:

In this stage, we identified TB’s most valuable audience groups, uncovered their challenges, desires, motivations, and established a brand positioning framework that clearly outlined the messaging points that would resonate emotionally with this target.

Brand Positioning

Target Audience Persona Research
  • Brand Resonance—Move people:
    With TB’s brand identity clearly defined, and the positioning strategy nailed down, we now moved on to create a branded experience (what we call Movere!), delivered via the website. Our persuasive copy helped customers virtually experience the powerful advantages of TB’s devices, evoking a desire to reap these benefits in real life—we know, because conversions went up dramatically with the refreshed website.

Brand Resonance

Emotionally-resonant Website Copy

Result (Movere!℠):

Our branding exercise uncovered powerful insights, which were translated into a clear and concise brand identity deck and positioning framework, unique to Tria Beauty. The refreshed messaging boosted the brand’s market perception, awareness, and affinity, bringing about a 63% YOY growth in website revenue.


 In our client’s words:

“CRC’s branding and copy works! Website sales jumped significantly after the brand refresh—we couldn’t be happier. The overall value delivered far exceeded our total investment.” 

– MinJung Song, COO, Tria Beauty