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Intel & Jim Parsons

Intel has been known for a half-century as a leader in computer processing technology, but fresh leadership came in with a new directive for the global brand. Instead of focusing on the chip inside the machines, all branded creative was refocused on the experiences that those Intel-powered tools and toys create for us, the users. 

With this in mind, they signed Jim Parsons as the face of the campaign, and asked our team to rebrand to seamlessly welcome and engage campaign-driven traffic. With this shift in focus and direction, our messaging strategy revolved around core concepts like, “A lot’s changed,” “upgrade,” and “our world of new experiences.” Home Page
Primary Product Page: 2 in 1's
Primary Product Page: All-in-Ones
My Role

During a 2015 run at Razorfish, I worked exclusively on the Intel account as Associate Creative Director. My role included every phase and aspect of the creative copy and messaging for the account.