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Settling for ‘good enough’ with your startup branding? It’s limiting your growth.

You know what it takes to start a business. You understand the ins and outs of financial management, and how to keep your startup afloat. But are you settling for less when it comes to your startup branding? 

As your business grows and becomes more successful, it’s essential to continually shore up your company’s branding efforts. But this is often the last thing on an entrepreneur’s mind. Don’t let the fear of ‘boxing yourself in’ stop you from making important branding decisions, no matter where you are in your evolution.

Here at ChrisRubinCreativ (CRC), we specialize in alleviating the branding burden associated with growing your business. As an easy example, gaining clarity on your strengths, USPs, and differentiators—via the Brand Identity deck—can help you distinguish yourself from the competition, and build affinity with your specific target audience.

Poor Branding Means Stunted Growth

Bland & Generic: Lack of Emotional Resonance

We all have our favorite products—our preferred shoe brand, the only kind of cereal we eat, or allegiance to one device over another. The primary reason we identify with these products is a result of their unique brand identity and messaging. Mercedes Benz and BMW both sell cars, but the feelings we associate with each brand are different, each speaking to different needs and desires—prestige and luxury for Mercedes, engineering expertise and precision for BMW.

With an authentic brand identity—and emotionally resonant communication in place—customers will be able to make a more educated choice about their preferences, in line with their values and priorities. Ultimately, this connection is about how you make them feel.

Lost in the Crowd

Poor Differentiation: Getting Lost in the Crowd

Most markets are saturated. We all know and feel that, every day. There are often hundreds, if not thousands of different options for everything. From wedding planners to ice cream stores, the choices are endless.

Effective branding helps your product or service establish a powerful emotional connection with your potential customer—and this is crucial, because numerous studies (such as this one by Harvard Business Review) have shown that emotions drive purchase decisions, even in B2B transactions. When customers can easily differentiate your company—via effective branding—you set yourself apart from your competitors.

Missing the Mark: Unclear Communication

If your customers are confused about what your company does, or most importantly, what you can do for them, they’ll go with another option. “Good enough” is not, actually.

With clear and thoughtful messaging, and targeted brand strategy, your customer base can grow exponentially.

CRC Can Help

For many small to medium-sized businesses, effective branding strategies can seem out of reach. At CRC, we have efficient and effective solutions designed to help solve the problems created by poor branding. For us, it’s all about ROI. The investment made in thoughtful branding due diligence pays dividends for years to come, in the form of increased engagement, conversions, sales, and loyalty.

Let us help you grow the way you know you can. 

Our in-depth branding process—which includes a thorough Brand Playbook, a Competitive Marketplace Assessment, a detailed Target Audience Persona study, and emotionally-resonant messaging—can help you better understand your customers, and vice versa. 

Don’t shortchange your growth. Let’s talk branding and strategy. Let’s talk about growing your business. 

Reach out to us today at… We’d love to learn more about your situation, and where you want to grow.