What I do:

I'm a freelance content strategist and copywriter who thrives when working with brands on the move. In collaboration with the brand stakeholders, I translate your goals and objectives into a targeted creative messaging solution that compels your audience toward the intended response.

In short: I use language to grow your business by connecting directly with the hearts, minds & motivations of your target audience.


My approach:

A great end product always starts with building intimate familiarity with the topic, audience, and objectives. This begins as a conversation, and develops into a series of conceptual drafts wherein we get the opportunity to collaboratively tweak and refine the direction together until we hit the mark.

Alternatively, depending on your needs and circumstances, your involvement can be extremely low, limited to simply reviewing and commenting on drafts through the process. I've been known to nail a final draft before a second or third is needed, though two to three rounds is the norm.


Next steps:

Shoot me a simple note with a basic idea of what you’re interested in discussing. I’ll follow up within 24 hours to confirm a call or meeting time.

I look forward to learning more about how I might support your efforts...

Ready to talk? Feel free to use my online scheduler here.